The Stars Inside Us

Our bodies are made of material that was forged in the cores of stars.

Our universe was initially composed almost entirely of Hydrogen and Helium, the lightest elements.  The only way to really form the heavier elements that are required for life (Carbon, Oxygen, Iron, etc) is through stars formation and subsequent explosive nucleosynthesis.  Huge clouds of hydrogen and helium coalesce over millions of years to eventually form stars.  In the cores of those stars, there’s enough heat and pressure that nuclear fusion fuses lighter elements into heavier elements.  Elements heavier than iron are created when the cores of stars reach supercritical mass and explode in supernovae.

Many think that much of the material on earth and in our bodies was created over the course of at least three “generations” of stars forming, exploding, and eventually forming again - perhaps as many as a dozen generations.

It took almost 10 billion years for the universe to create the materials that make life possible on Earth.  It took trillions of births and deaths over the last 3.5 billion years for humans to evolve from those raw materials.

There is an immense weight of history behind every cell in your body. Don’t take them for granted.

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